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17/10/2006  3rd HFP General Asembly (documentation available)
HFP Interim Implementation Plan (for consultation)

The aim of the Co-ordination Action “HY-CO” is to establish an ERA-Net to cover all aspects of research, development and demonstration in the comprehensive fields of hydrogen and fuel cells (H2/FC) and to set the basis to establish mutual opening up to national funding programmes in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells at EU level.

Hydrogen and fuel cells are considered an important long term technology contribution to a sustainable energy economy. The importance is based on scenarios of primary energy consumption growth for the period 2000-2030, concerns about diminishing reserves of conventional energy resources, and on the environmental impacts of CO2 emissions which are associated with fossil fuels. Worldwide, there are major efforts to advance H2/FC technology through R&D programmes, and to develop market and deployment strategies at the same time.

In order to overcome the fragmentation of European R&D programmes and activities in the area of hydrogen and fuel cells and in the context of a coherent strategy towards a sustainable hydrogen economy in the long term, a coalition of European partners, responsible for national and regional H2/FC programmes, will establish mutual exchange of information, analysis of existing programmes and activities, leading to joint programmatic activities.

HY-CO is closely linked to the European Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Platform  (Key documents of HFP) and will, in addition to providing the Secretariat for the Member States Mirror Group, closely interact with the Advisory Council.

The partners of the HY-CO consortium are represented by senior policy makers and programme managers. The consortium consists of 20 participants from 16 countries and is open to additional participants representing substantial national programmes or activities on hydrogen or fuel cells.

The General Secretariat for Research and Technology is the project partner from Greece. The Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas coordinates the project activities under a mandate from GSRT.

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